The Best Shooting Vests

Our Favorite Shooting Vests

Clay shooters around the globe have a special liking for shooting gear.

Most if not all consider it as essential and vests are high up on the list.

If you like to shoot clays competitively, you know you need a good vest.  

A vest makes it easier to access ammunition quickly, may have reinforced shoulders or pads, and gives you plenty of room for storage.

So, read on as we dive into the best trap shooting vests in the industry. 

wild hare vest heat wave brown

If you're looking for durability, the Wild Hare shooting vest is perfect for you. The mesh fabric used will keep you cool as a cucumber on your hottest shooting days.

Staying cool will help you to focus and hit every target with ease. 

The stitching on this one is not only neat but extremely sturdy. Due to its makeup, users have often said that it has served them with honor for many years before becoming noticeably worn.

If you're heading out on the field, you'll know the true value of spacious pockets. 

With this one, the pockets are perfect for storing hulls and don't feel heavy even when filled.

While some people require actually wearing certain pieces before finding their sizes, this one can be trusted since the sizing chart is very reliable.

During the winter, you can make use of a couple of velcro straps to tighten the fit. 


  • Mesh design on this vest is very lightweight
  • Rear zipper on the reloaders pouch can hold up to 100 or more hulls
  • A Shockeater Recoil Pad can be fitted unto the shoulder pocket


  • Compared to many others, it doesn't come with a recoil pad
beretta trap cotton vest in black

If you're looking for the most perfectly made vest that allows for free movement, then the Beretta is worth a shot.

During early fall or even spring, you'll be exceptionally pleased with it. Additionally, the shoulders contain an elastic slit that allows for even freer movement of your arms. 

While wearing this one, you'll be able to move and aim properly without having any negative effects like some other vests.

Not every product on the market is ideal for all consumers, but the Beretta is perfect for sensitive skin and can be worn for the entire day if you desire without causing any irritations.

However, we noticed that it was a bit difficult for to select a size since most of the measurements were not as clear as they could have been. 

Hence, it is recommended that you purchase a size bigger than what you'd normally wear. This ensures that your product will always fit. 


  • The cotton shooting patches are ambidextrous
  • The shoulder has an elastic insert for easier movement
  • Comes fitted with a pocket made especially for a recoil reducer


  • Sizing chart can be misleading making it difficult to select the appropriate size
black browning ace vest

This one appeals to more senses than just sight. Shooting while wearing this bad boy under the hottest sun will ensure that you're cool and comfortable.

Browning's shooting vest was crafted from lightweight breathable material and ensures that you're properly ventilated.

The deep pockets are perfect for taking a ton of shells each time you head out for a clay shooting session.

However, it should be noted that the sizes do tend to be smaller than regular.

So, it's best to purchase a size that is at least one size bigger than your regular size. 


  • The shooting patch is smooth and runs the full length
  • Made from a combination of spandex and polyester
  • The front zipper is two way


  • Not ideal for left-handers
allen ace shooting vest

If you're a regular, you'll know just how important flexibility is. When compared to others, the Allen Ace is comfortable and allows you to change the position of your shock-absorbing pad.

This just simply means that everyone from left-handers to right-handers will be able to use this one.

The featured mesh fabric also allows users to stay comfy and cool on hot days.

Just like many others, finding your ideal size may be hard.

However, purchasing at least one size bigger is recommended. 


  • Works for both left and right-handers
  • The recoil pad can be positioned differently depending on what you require
  • The side straps are fully adjustable


  • Determining your size is hard from the sizing chart
utg true huntress female sporting vest on an manaquin

The eye-catching lace design on this one is a must-have for any female shooter.

So, if you're looking for something stylish with a feminine touch, this just might be the one for you.

The pockets are big enough and can easily hold phones, shells, hair ties, and other important items while you're shooting.

With this one, you'll never need to take a purse on your trip.

While the fabric is very durable, it might be a bit too hot for the summer weather.

If you're shooting during the winter, this may be the winner for you since the material isn't as breathable as other vests. 


  • Considerations were given to women because of the smart cut
  • Made from durable synthetic polyester and inner nylon mesh


  • The standing collar can be a bit irratating on your skin

Final Thoughts / Conclusion

If you are an avid clay shooter, you'll want to get your own vest.  Sure, the shooting range that you visit may provide vests, but it's not as good as having your own.

Not to mention if you shoot on private land there will be no one to rent a vest from.  

A good shooting vest will provide you a bit of extra protection and just make the overall experience more enjoyable. 

While there are many options out there, these are the vest that we like the best and we think can satisfy a wide variety of shooters.