The Best Rangefinders for Shooting

Our Favorite Rangefinders

When it comes to successfully nailing those long-distance shots, precision is everything.

Every successful hunter knows that this comes down to using the right equipment.

If you are looking to improve your long-range shooting, you will need the best rangefinder.

The best rangefinder provides an accurate distance to your target and true ballistic range.

In the following article we will cover the best options available. 

Even small miscalculations can mess up your accuracy and cost you a perfect shot.

This can be a big problem after you spent time tracking for days and lining up the perfect shot on a prize buck, bear, goat or whatever your quarry may be. 

The Lowdown on Rangefinders

Rangefinders are no novelty item. They have been in use in militaries across the globe and are perfect for calculating distances and improving accuracy.

Of course, the options available today apply lasers and even GPS technology to measure distance. Up until WW2, most rangefinders relied on optical mechanics to perform this task and were much like a simple scope. 

But today, the advent of modern technology has made advanced range finding available to anyone with a couple hundred bucks to invest. The rangefinders today are highly accurate, considerably compact and competitively priced. 

product image of the leupold rx 1600i laser rangefinder

With a maximum range of 1600 yards and an objective lens with 22mm diameter, this option features many of the benefits that make other Leupold rangefinders so unique.

Because it only has a 17mm eye relief, it may be best for some users to wear their glasses.

But viewing is very simple thanks to the OLED technology applied here that makes taking accurate measurements very easy.

This OLED screen can be adjusted to suit the environment of the hunter.

With a true ballistic range system, the hunter can improve their accuracy in all environments and weather conditions.


  • Impressive option from the Leupold Line 
  • Maximum range is 1600 Yards 
  • Excellent OLED Technology
  • Adjustable Screen 


  • Can be a bit tricky learning how to lock in on things
Bushnell engage rangefinder

The Bushnell 6x24 Engage 1300 Laser Rangefinder has been designed by the experts to deliver.

You will enjoy that cool confidence to pull off a long shot that comes from relying on top-quality equipment that aids in making a sure shot.

The IR laser has the capacity to reach a full 1300 yards when sighting a reflective target and up to 600 yards to hit a large animal, like a deer.

There is an inclinometer included in the ranging system that can measure the average angle between you and the target and shows the best adjustment for range distance so that you can more accurately estimate drop compensation.

Accuracy can be significantly improved with this feature.

The LCD system is simplistic and straightforward and easily read in all lighting conditions. There are no unnecessary details to interfere with the view.

 Furthermore, targeting options can easily be cycled with a two-button interface.

This impressive scope will function well in all weather conditions and has an IPX4 rating for the housing that will keep snow and ice from interfering with the electronic equipment.

The slip-resistant grip and ergonomic design are complemented by a mere 7 ounces of total weight. So this option is especially portable and will fit nicely in a pocket or pack. 


  • Invisible IR laser will not reveal position to animals
  • Minimum metering is 7 yards so it is a great option for bow hunters as well
  • Maximum Range of 1300 yards when using reflective tags. Trees at 800 yards and deer at 600 yards. 


  • Very reflection sensitive
front view of the sig sauer kilo 2400 bdx

Sig Sauer’s BDX technology applied in the Kilo 24000 makes this a superior option. 

The impressive rangefinder from Sig Sauer features SpectraCoat anti-reflection to ensure superior clarity and light transmission. Other impressive technology features include Hyperscan Technology and Lightwave DSP. 

The gamut of features in this impressive option ensure that this rangefinder is capable of impressive accuracy and improved reading. 

Sig Sauer’s BDX technology allows the rangefinder to sync easily with the most advanced sniper scopes available on the market. Essentially, this is a rifle with a built-in rangefinder. 

With 7X magnification zoom and a 25mm objective lens diameter, this is one of the most attractive options for most users. The capacity to function as a rifle scope and rangefinder greatly improves its already stellar appeal. 


  • SpectraCoat anti-reflection lens coating 
  • Magnesium build is both lightweight and durable  
  • Maximum range of 3,400 yards
  • 7x magnification 


  • It can use up the battery pretty quickly
front view of the vortex optics razor 4000

Vortex ballistics have made a name for themselves as one of the best options for long-range use and a high level of performance.

The Razor 4000 rangefinder is an excellent rangefinder that lives up to the reputation in every way. 

All hunters and long-range shooters understand the importance of a top-notch rangefinder and will appreciate the impressive performance of the Vortex Razor 4000.  

The Razor HD 4000 from Vortex is by far one of the best shooting tools for perfect long-range capacity due to 7x magnification and its 25mm-diameter objective lens.

You will find a full complement of two range modes and four targeting modes. Much like the Vortex 1000, this option features a scanning function that provides continuous readings as the target is moving. 

It is also suitable for use in a variety of hunting environments, making it a great option for use on hunting trips of all types.

Because of its intuitive design and interface, hunters can use this option on the go with little difficulty. 

The High Definition optical design provides excellent resolution and an outstanding image quality. This makes it especially ideal for hunting in low light conditions


  • 7x magnification 
  • Maximum range of 4000 yards
  • Multi-coated Glass


  • The illumination could be brighter
product image of leupold rx 2800 laser rangefinder

The Leupold RX-2800 is much like other options in the impressive family of rangefinders from Leupold, such as the 1200 series which is an excellent range finder with a range of 2000 yards.

The best words to describe this gun-mounted option would be versatility and high-performance.

The Leupold RX-2800 applies Alpha IQ digital tech to provide fast acting results with incredible precision and accuracy up to a ½ yard

With a maximum range of 28000 yards, the RX-2800 is the best option for most shooters. It also has an easy-to-read OLED display that can also be found in the Marsman 1000 rangefinder and is suitable to all types of conditions.

But there are other impressive features as well including True Ballistic Range tech. This allows the Leupold rangefinder a greater capacity of tracking smaller targets than ever before.

While most options are well suited to tracking deer at great distances, this option is capable of tracking much smaller targets.

Suitable for all types of hunting conditions, you can expect fog-free and waterproof products and a full 2-year guarantee for all electronic components. 


  • Versatile 
  • Maximum Range of 2800 yards
  • Alpha IQ Technology
  • Accurate Measurements


  • When we tested it in the rain, this Leopold was not as good as some of the competition
sig sauer digital ballistic rangefinder

Another superior option from the legendary Sig Sauer manufacturers is available without the BDX tech, but is still one of the more impressive options on the market.

Like the Kilo 2400XBDX, the Kilo 2400 also includes SpectraCoat coating to cut back on reflection, improve the transmission of light and increase optical clarity.

Lightwave DSP and HyperScan technology are also included in the Kilo 2400 by Sig Sauer.

This terrific selection of features create a tactical rangefinder that is both fast and accurate. Without the support of BDX tech, there are not many linking options available.

But this lack of connectivity means that this rangefinder retains that classic old-school feel.

No matter the features present in a range finder, there is really no point in obtaining a sniper range finder if there is no decent range. The good news is that you can expect a full 3400 yards maximum range with this option.

Furthermore, a 7X magnification range and 25mm or objective lens diameter add to the benefits of this impressive rangefinder.

It should be noted that an eye relief value of 15mm is considerably low. 


  • Advanced ballistic system
  • 2 miles detection range
  • Functions with Bluetooth and App 
  • HyperScan Technology
  • Classic old school design


  • The tethering using Bluetooth is pretty bad

Final Thoughts / Conclusion

Now that you have a better idea of what a rangefinder can do for you, you will probably want to head out and get your own. These impressive tools not only enhance your accuracy, but they can be especially fun to use.

Best of all, you won’t have to shell out too much cash to get a great item. All you need is one that delivers clarity and an adequate viewing distance.