The Best Clay Pigeon Launchers

Our Favorite Clay Pigeon Launchers

Since there are tons of incredible clay pigeon throwers, you'll need to select one that goes in line with everything you need in a thrower.

However, the tricky part is that there are many top manufacturers on the markets that offer various features and designs.

If you're interested in a state-of-the-art thrower, read on because we've got you covered. 

champion wheelybird electic trap thrower with accessories

With the all-new WheelyBird thrower, just about everyone will be able to use it with ease. So, if you're just getting started or at the intermediate level or even advanced, you'll be able to make the best out of the equipment.

The thrower comes with a professionally made DVD that provides the best instruction for adjusting and using the setup.

When you purchase the WheelyBird Thrower, you'll receive all of the accessories such as guide rods, bolts and nuts, washers, frames, plastic wheels, pedal release, the swing arm protector, and battery cables.

With the battery cable, you'll have access to a whopping 3 feet and the release pedal has an attached 25-foot cable. Unlike many others of the same, the button is rather responsive and reacts in a split second.

So, if you're looking for a professionally made pigeon thrower, this just might be the one for you. The entire set-up is very lightweight and features an adjustable launch angle that makes shooting a lot easier.

When running on just a single charge, you'll be able to get up to 3000 or more shots are great distances. 


  • Allows professional targeting
  • The product, traps and target are all classified as champion series
  • When the 12-volt is charged, up to 3000 or more shots can be fired


  • Offers only one launch angle
do all outdoors raven auto clay pigeon thrower with wheels and cord

With the all-new Raven Automatic Trap, you'll be able to enjoy a greater degree of safety with the new and improved ring guard.

This thrower is fitted with a neat 25-foot cord that allows users to successfully adjust the timing on the field. Due to its design, up to one person alone can successfully use the thrower to increase their skills.

Since hunting comes naturally to many, there's no reason why you can't improve and perfect your game with the Raven Automatic Trap on Wheels.

To operate the thrower, you'll need a standard deep cycled 12-volt marine battery. The setup also comes fitted with an indicator light to signal a low battery and a neat on/off release switch.

As you head out to practice, you'll be pleased to learn that the equipment is fitted with wheels and a built-in handle which makes it easier to pull it around.

Unlike many others of the same, clays can be shot up to 80 yards within just 2.5 seconds and the angle can be adjusted from anywhere between 5 degree and 35 degrees.

The Raven On Wheels has a specially crafted arm that was built from the strongest grade of aluminum in the industry and the tray was crafted from a very silky smooth texture to add to its professional look.

The matte finish on the Raven was created to ensure that customers not only feel but see its ruggedness and stability.

Unlike many others, the Raven also comes fitted with a specially designed safety pin that prevents accidental release from the machine.


  • The Raven was crafted with extreme durability
  • Safe and easy to adjust
  • Easy to use with just one person


  • Order the optional wobbler from the get go. By the end of the first 50 clays you know exactly where the trajectory of the clays will be
champion easybird auto feed trap with power cord

If you're looking for a trap thrower that offers a series of adjustable ranges, the EasyBird is an excellent option for you.

With its amazing design, you'll be able to conduct a ton of long sessions while you shoot up to a whopping 65 yards. The EasyBird can also support up to 50 clays for extended practice sessions.

Unlike some other throwers, the EasyBird will ensure that your sessions are both challenging and fun with its all-new oscillating base.

If you're interested in competition, there are 2 ARC settings that were designed for ATA competition. with the EasyBird, you'll be able to use skeet, sport, and trap clay. 


  • The specially designed circuit breaker does an excellent job of protecting the motors and electrical wires
  • The safety ring on the arm ensures that users are aware of the throwing arm path for added safety
  • The visual throwing path can be seen with the safety ring


  • The alligator clip lines for power are very short, less than 3 feet
trius one step trap thrower

With just one motion, you'll be able to step on the pedal to input a great degree of pressure to release your targets with ease.

The Trius One Step has a strong arm that was made from high-grade aluminum and has a series of bushings that are filled with oil. These oil-filled bushings were included to add to the throwers durability.

Both vertical angle and tension can be successfully adjusted with large knobs. So, if you're looking for an incredible thrower that allows you to shoot both singles and doubles the Trius is perfect for you.

Pulling on the chain allows effortless release which takes your target to some of the most astonishing distances.

Since the device comes preassembled, you'll have no trouble with it and it can be easily operated by just one person.

This thrower exceeds regular industry standards and is widely considered a Champion among the competitors. 


  • Targets are released with ease
  • One person can shoot and throw on their own
  • Can easily throw both singles and doubles


  • The pedal can be hard to press
do all outdoors pro single 3/4 cock trap with seat

Within just a couple of minutes, you'll be on your way to having a fully assembled machine.

The included DVD manual has everything you need to get up and running in a jiffy and there's also an adjustable wrench that comes in the package.

The all-new Professional thrower comes fitted with a seat that makes it a sit-down model.

Whenever you shoot a target, the machines arm cycles to 3/4 of the distance. Traps manufactured by this company are known for dominating the markets with long-lasting and durable equipment.

Additionally, this setup can also be used for both professional and sporting activities even if you're new to the game.

With the Single 3/4 Cock Trap, you'll be able to load up to a whopping 5 targets that can be shot as either doubles or singles. In little or no time you'll be able to develop amazing shooting skills.

Do-All Outdoors has manufactured the trap to be not only durable but also extremely reliable with an exquisite aluminum build.

The trap allows up to 3 mounts. These pivot mounts can successfully support any angle, direction or height up to 100 yards.

Since the clip easily slides, you'll be able to conveniently adjust the direction and speed as desired. 


  • Built for reliability and longevity
  • Fitted with truck mounting options
  • Supports 3 pivot mounts


  • Arm is hard to set since cocking isn't easily done
mtm clay hand thrower with pivot arm in red

Due to its design, the MTM Clay Thrower has often been considered the easiest to use within the industry.

When you purchase the Pivotal Arm Swing, you can look forward to its simplicity without the fancy mechanics or common assembly issues. The

Clay Thrower was specially built for those with weaker arms.

Since no mechanical adjustments are needed, you'll be able to enjoy hours of uninterrupted shooting and it can be used by both right and left-handers.

The thrower also features a non-slip comfortable grip to prevent slipping. However, it should be noted that the thrower is only available in red. 


  • The entire length is 20 inches
  • The thrower can be used with regular 4.5" targets
  • Easy to toss anywhere whether you're right or left-handed


  • Clays may break during loading if the temperature is below 50 degrees

Final Thoughts / Conclusion

These are some of our favorite clay throwers.  Now, we understand that these are not the cheapest options out there, they are some of the best. 

I started shooting clays with a regular plastic hand thrower that did not have a pivotal arm and broke half the clays I tried to throw.  But that was a long time ago and technology has gotten better.

Now matter what your skill level you can have a fun day out shooting clays, and these launchers will make it more fun.