These are the Best Places to Buy Ammo Online

Our Favorite Places to Buy Ammo On the Internet

The ammunition market is ever-changing, especially with the rise in the number of gun owners over the past few years.

More gun owners mean more demand for ammunition, which has led to a shortage in the United States.

This is a concern for gun-owning Americans as they don’t know where they can buy high-quality ammo.

According to a recent survey by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, most gun-owners in America prefer buying ammunition from online retailers.

The survey says that as many as 53% of gun-owners recently purchased ammo online.

Benefits of Buying Your Ammunition Online

A big reason for the shift to online ammo purchases is that it provides a wide range of benefits.

For example, the ammo shortage problem in stores doesn’t allow you to pick the ammunition that you want to buy in the first place.

If you are lucky enough to find your preferred ammo, you will notice that its cost is much lower online even after adding the local sales tax, state tax, and shipping charges.

In addition to buying your favorite ammunition at a low price, online purchases also allow you to test various types of ammo brands for your gun before paying the money.

Moreover, you can further save a lot if you buy ammunition in bulk, thus reducing the overall price significantly.

The price of ammunition is determined by its demand and supply ratio.

As the pandemic hit the country in 2020, it became challenging to find ammo in local stores. However, the number of new handgun owners increased throughout the United States.

This had an immediate impact on reducing the supply of ammo, thus increasing the price to a great extent.

Although manufacturers and retailers are trying to push the supply up, people are buying ammunition in a flash, leaving the stores empty.

This had led gun-owners to rely on online stores to restock their ammo supply.

palmetto state armory logo

If you are looking to buy ammo online, you can try Palmetto State Armory.

It offers 223 and 9mm bullets at the cheapest prices online.

I even managed to enjoy free shipping on a few of my orders.

It’s truly a powerhouse when it comes to the best ammo from the convenience of your computer.


  • Bulk ammo available
  • Daily discounts


  • Popular calibers are often out of stock
brownells logo

Another online store that I often rely on is Brownells.

It has an exceptional selection of pistol and rifle ammo, and its prices are affordable enough for almost every gun owner.

They also provide a 100% lifetime warranty that speaks volumes about their confidence in their products.


  • Huge selection
  • Well known and reliable


  • N/A
Sportsmans guide logo

Sportsman's Guide is another favorite of mine because it not only has guns and ammo but also clothing and power tools.

If you become a member of the store you can save significantly on your first purchase of 2 cases of shotgun shells. 

It offers a 5% discount on various ammo and guns and an additional 10% on other gear.


  • Buyer's Club Membership offers serious discounts
  • Made from a combination of spandex and polyester
  • The front zipper is two way


  • They can send too many junk emails logo is a favorite among many American gun owners as it sells ammunition of different calibers and brands.

From rifle or shotgun ammo to handgun ammo, you can expect to find almost every type of ammo you can think of.

Its live inventory gives you a sneak peek into the in-stock ammo available. 

Another factor that makes stand out is that it donates 1% of its earnings to pro-freedom organizations, like the Second Amendment Foundation, Homes for Our Troops, Soldiers' Angels, NRA, and many more.

The store ships its orders fast. If you place your order within 3 pm EST, the store will ship it within the next business day.


  • Ships fast 
  • The often have hard-to-find ammo, in stock


  • N/A
ammoman logo

#5. AmmoMan is a Newark, NJ-based online ammo store that started way back in 1998.

Its ability to provide high-quality ammunition consistently for more than 22 years proves why they are one of the best in the business.

The store has a wide range of ammunition to ensure that you get what you love the most.

It provides free shipping if you buy ammo in bulk. 


  • Good prices, fast service with free shipping


  • Old website sometime messes up an order
ammunition depot logo

Ammunition Depot is a Florida-based store that was started by freedom-loving Americans who knew the responsibilities of keeping their families safe.

It began with a promise to provide high-quality ammunition without charging a fortune and offer excellent customer service.

The store is now so popular that it donates a part of its earnings to charitable foundations that support law enforcement, shooting sports teams, and US troops.


  • Good customer service


  • The website makes you enter your email before you can even access the site
gorilla ammunition logo

Gorilla Ammunition also stands out as one of the best online ammo sellers.

It makes its ammunition.

The makers involved in the process take time to thoroughly test their products.

You can buy ammunition from Gorilla Ammunition for pistol rounds, defense, hunting, and target practicing.

It also provides reusable buckets if you buy ammunition in bulk.


  • Manufactures their own ammo


  • Steel-case loads are decent but not always the most dependable
natchez shooters supplies logo

Natchez Shooters Supplies started way back in 1979 and has since become a one-stop-shop for those looking for high-quality ammunition. 

It was founded by two families that initially started selling outdoor products on the historically famous 440-mile Natchez Trace Trail.

Today, they are one of the largest online suppliers of a wide range of ammunition from different brands.


  • Their prices have remained reasonable and not pandemic price gouged


  • Some customers ammo arrived damaged from the shipping
nosler company logo

Nosler Ammunition is a popular store for hunting ammunition.  John Nosler started the businesses after an unsuccessful moose hunt where ammo he used failed to bring down the moose.

You can find various types of calibers that are appropriate for traditional hunting and long-range shooting.

Noler has an intense attention to detail in their manufacturing of their ammunition.

They inspect all their ammo by hand and measurements are taken from the instant the raw materials are put into the machining presses, and again during the final packaging before being sent out to the customer.


  • The ammo to buy when the shot must count


  • Due to high quality and hand made manufacturing processes, this ammo is not a cheap option


Weatherby was earlier popular for making accurate shotguns and hunting rifles.

After moving to Wyoming in March, 2019 from Paso Robles, CA, the brand expanded its operations and started making Weatherby-branded ammunition apart from its rifles and shotguns.


  • Specialize in hunting ammunition


  • Do not have handgun rounds
cabela's logo

#11. Cabela's

Cabela's is a favorite among fishermen and hunters.

Its ammo prices came down significantly after Bass Pro acquired the brand a few years back.

The best part about Cabela's is that it has a range of hunting ammo for different types of calibers.

In addition to buying ammo from Cabela's, you should also check out some of its accessories, such as jackets, rifle bags, and much more available at affordable prices. 


  • Huge selection, they have just about everything


  • Because they are so popular, they sell out of ammo a lot

Final Thoughts / Conclusion

It is always wise to assess how much ammunition you may need before placing your order.

Although there’s been a shortage of ammo recently, the phase will pass as the manufacturers start making ammunition in bulk to catch up with the demand.

However, it may take some time.

That means your favorite ammunition will cost more if the demand is significantly higher than the supply.

Therefore, it’s best if you purchase your ammunition ahead of time to avoid paying a hefty price.