The Best Biometric Pistol Safes

The Top Biometric Handgun Safes

If you are searching for a safe where your handgun can be stored while being able to quickly access it at the same time, your best option is a biometric gun safe. 

Numerous biometric safes make it possible to secure your gun and other small valuables and documents conveniently that you might need to have secured.

They provide you with security solutions to meet your emergency access requirements and also protect your children against unexpected accidents. 

Children often notice us typing numbers onto keypads.

However, they cannot hack a biometric fingerprint scanner.

Extra security and advanced technology are also provided by biometric gun safes that customers are looking for. 

Although compared with other gun safes, they are more expensive.

However, biometric gun safes offer quick access that is not guaranteed by other options, which during an emergency is important.

You will be given the access that you need with just a quick finger scan. 

What Are Biometric Gun Safes?

If you are searching for a gun safe that will provide you with easy access, then the best option might be a biometric gun safe.

Your firearms are secured by modern gun safes through the use of keys, passwords, and combinations. All good security is provided by these features, forgetting the codes can be easy to do.

It can be easy as well to lose keys.

Just imagine if an intrude were to enter your house. You will need to be able to access your gun safe quickly. Due to how intense the situation is, you might enter the wrong code or fumble with your keys.

A solution to this problem is provided by biometric gun safes.

Technology is used by biometric guns safes that only require palm or fingerprint impressions to open your safe. This is very beneficial for those who feel that being able to access their gun safe quickly is very important.

With a biometric gun safe, only the people who have the identified fingerprints will be given access to the safe.

Numerous biometric gun safes are also able to store multiple fingerprints. That is a major benefit, especially during an emergency. A biometric gun safe can also be used for storing other valuable or personal items. 

A biometric gun safe might appear to be the ideal solution to provide your firearms with advanced security.

However, just like all other forms of technology, a biometric gun safe can fail to scan the fingerprints, particularly an older model.

There are several different reasons why a scanner might fail, including wet fingerprints or dead batteries. 

If you buy a biometric gun safe, it is critical to change the battery to make sure it is fully optimized.

However, most biometric safes have backup keys also, so you will still be able to access your safe even when these types of incidents occur.

Combination Safe vs. Biometric Safe

Combination safes and biometric gun safes both provide outstanding security to store your firearms in.

However, each of them comes with its benefits and features that suit different needs and people.

When you are trying to decide whether to purchase a combination gun safe or a biometric gun safe, the pros and cons of both types of products need to be weighed.

Then decide which type is best suited for you based on features, quality, and price.

Although more advanced technology is used by biometric gun safes, a combination gun safe might be your best option. 

sentrysafe handgun safe that holds 1 pistol

This safe allows you to secure and lock your firearms conveniently and provides three-way access to help ensure safety. Biometric access allows you to enter your safe quickly in the event of an emergency. 

You can also use an override key or electronic keypad if the fingerprint access is not working due to not having power.

Two user fingerprints can be stored by the QUAP1BE Gun Safe to allow access to multiple users.

This option is great for families since it ensures someone will be able to access the safe if one user is out of town or away from home. 

The door has a padded interior to prevent your firearm from getting scratched and it is pry-resistant. There is enough room for storing ammo as well to ensure you are completely prepared during an emergency. 


  • 1 or 2 pistol capacity sizes
  • Optional interior lighting available


  • The lid struts can occasionally fail
awesafe with lid open with pistol inside

Is there a price contender to SentrySafe?

Yes, Awesafe.  

This biometric gun safe probably has the best reviews, with more than 10k reviews on Amazon. We have been asked many times to put it to the test. 

It has some heft to it and also has some lag screws and holes to help with mounting it. I prefer to have a smaller safe that is attached to a shelf in the closet so that it is hidden away and will not walk away easily. 

What about capacity? 

The capacity is fairly good at hold a micro-compact and full-size. When one gun is stored inside there will be enough room or extra mags or some other items. 

There is a small amount of space between the door that a screwdriver could fit in. However, you need to keep in mind that with a majority of safes within this category anyone can get in given the right tools and enough time. 

How are its biometrics? They are also great. 

Based on the testing I did, it has over 90% accuracy and is easy to program as long as your fingers are not moist. 

The buttons work great as well. 


  • XL size available that holds two handguns
  • 3 options to open: physical key, Digital keypad, and fingerprint


  • Interior light is not the brightest
product image of the barska handgun safe in black

This safe is available in different sizes and shapes so you buy the one that fits in the best where you want to put it. 

Some are wide and short and have the fingerprint scanner located on top. There are also taller ones where the scanner is located on the front. There are even white ones available. 

A backup key comes with all of their models that can be used in case your battery dies or you happen to lose your fingerprint while working on your project car doing bodywork and the sensor fails to work. 

One thing that I found reassuring was the fact that your finger can be positioned at practically any angle and be read by the scanner.  

According to Barska, to open up the safe the scanner just needs to be able to see about 2/3 of your fingerprint.

The safe's interior space will depend on the specific model but should be sufficient for storing a concealed carry gun along with some ammo. 

If you have a full-size gun you may not be able to store it and a box of .45 ammunition as well. 

The Department of Justice has approved most models due to the dual deadbolts, pry protection, and thicker walls. However, there is no protection against fire offered. 


  • 100% steel wall construction
  • Optional silent mode
  • Finger print reader work like perfection


  • Basically you need to bolt this to the wall or the floor
product image of the front view of the viking security safe

The shelf inside the Viking model VS-20BLX is what I really like about this safe. 

You may be thinking that a shelf is not that important. However, it is very nice to have one. 

Your passport, EDC knife, ammo, or other items can be stored on top and you will be able to access your weapon quickly whenever you need to.

If there is not a shelf inside of your safe, then everything might need to be pulled out to retrieve your ammo or gun.

It comes with a built-in LED light. In low light, that makes it a lot easier to see the inside of your safe.

The Viking VS-20BLX allows the scanner to be loaded with as many as 32 different fingerprints. A key or PIN can also be used to open up the safe when necessary.


  • Two 20 mm Solid Steel Locking bars built into the frame
  • Holds up to 2 handguns


  • Angle of your fingerprint has to be spot on
front view of the stanley safe

This safe is intended to go inside a drawer (such as a nightstand).

The controls are all located on the top and its door opens so you access your weapon quickly when necessary.

The LCD screen comes with a battery indicator so you will know when it is time for the four AA batteries to be changed.

I like the fact that this safe is intended to go inside a drawer. It is also not heavy or large. Bolt it to the drawer and then access it whenever you need to. Otherwise, it is hidden away.

It can be bolted into the ground instead if you prefer.

If the safe's batteries die, a standard key can be used to open it. However, other safes on our list come with a more secure key.

If your fingerprint does not open the safe, a PIN can be entered to access it. 


  • Room to store handgun and also room for jewelry, money, etc.


  • Does not have a keypad backlight
top view of the vaultek vt10i gun safe

These are great safes.

A SmartPhone app and great safe are combined to provide a biometric security option that stands out.

What is great about these safes is that they are quite simple but still loaded with features such as a backlit keypad and internal light, and come with extra items such as mounting screws.

One drawback that you need to be aware of is that it does need to be charged. Fortunately, a USB cable provides a 2.5 charge which provides enough power for it to run for four months.

The Valutek is my choice for biometric plus other features like phone access and Bluetooth.


  • Rechargeable battery provides power for 4 to 6 months


  • Bluetooth connectivity can eat up the battery life
product image of the front of the viking vs-52blx wall safe

This safe is intended to go into a wall. So you will need to do some cutting. However, it's not too bad. 

The safe goes in between the studs in the wall and will sit nearly flush with your wall. Two models are available, one comes with a flush mount door while the other one does not.

At 4 inches it is not deep. However, it is taller and there is an ample amount of room for storing a few weapons.

The unit comes with shelves. This allows you to organize the items you will be storing inside your safe.

It also has LED lights to allow you to see inside better in low-light conditions, such as when the safe is mounted in the back of a closet. 


  • Super secure when installed between wall studs


  • Not much room in the middle because the lock box is so big

Final Thoughts / Conclusion

It is mandatory to lock up your key if you have children in your house. Anytime you are not carrying locking up your gun is a good idea.

A biometric gun safe offers a good balance between your gun being locked up securely and having quick access to it whenever necessary.

The best safe for you will depend on your situation and needs. However, now you are aware of the various options that are available to you.

My top pick is the Sentry safe with its keypad entry, robust fingerprint scanner, and affordable price tag.