Our Favorite Soft Rifle Cases

Our Favorite Soft Rifle Cases

Hard rifle cases may be the best for protecting your gun. But there are times when hard gun cases can be too heavy to carry around.

For example, when you plan to go on a long hunting or camping trip, you should opt for a high-quality soft rifle case.

The best soft rifle case will protect your gun without being bulky and too heavy to carry on a long camping or hunting trip.

The best soft rifle cases are less bulky, lighter, and inexpensive and are great for enhancing your mobility.

These cases are also ideal for situations where you need to carry the rifle for extended periods.

The most important thing is to shop for the right case for your rifle. With hundreds of soft rifle cases on the market, choosing the best case isn't easy.

Fortunately, we have done the homework for you and reviewed 5 of the best soft rifle cases on the market today. This review will help you make a wise buying decision.

savior equipment classic long rifle bag in camo

Savior-Equipment American Classic is a great choice for people who are searching for the best soft case to carry an AR-15. The case is made of strong and rugged fabric and consists of many pockets.

This case lets you store two AR-15 rifles without any problem. The well-padded backpack straps will let you carry the case on your back like a backpack. The product also includes smooth IMO zippers.

Most of the rifle case is double-stitched while there are a few areas single-stitched. The case is not long enough to fit an 870-Plus rifle since its length is only 42 inches.

The case has compartments to separate weapons and enough padding to protect the guns. There are also straps to keep the guns in place. Extra padding runs all over the bag to provide a bit of rigidity.

The rifle case has several compartments to store a wide range of miscellaneous items including ammo and mags. The exterior consists of buckles to tighten up the case.

The zippered security holes are somewhat small to fit a standard padlock. Hence, you may have to use a cheap luggage lock that can be easily broken into.

Apart from a few design flaws, the Savior Equipment American Classic rifle case is a worthy investment.


  • Plenty of room
  • Several compartments
  • Well padded
  • Strong build quality


  • The zippered security holes need to be a little larger
uncle mike tactical rifle bag black

Are you shopping for a lightweight but sturdy rifle case? If so, the Uncle Mike Tactical Rifle Case is for you. It has plenty of cushions on the inside to safeguard your weapon and accessories.

The soft case also has nice carrying handles as well as a heavy-duty zipper to open the case flat. That way you can easily access the weapon whenever you need to do so.

This soft scoped gun case has five pouches to accommodate five magazines and still has some extra space for an AR-15.

The Uncle Mike Tactical Rifle Case has comfortable and nice shoulder straps with stitches that hold up well.

The case will handle your gun well, and you will still be left with extra space to accommodate magazines, mounted scopes, earplugs, and more.

The soft case is the best to protect your gun during transport because of the ample padding inside it. The bag is durable and could withstand abuse due to the heavy-duty stitching.

The protective inner flat helps remove the weight of the case off the zipper. Magazine compartments have flimsy Velcro straps. Overall, this is one of the best soft rifle cases on the market for its price point. 


  • Sturdy bag but lightweight
  • Heavy-duty stitching
  • Strong zipper
  • Ample padding and lots of pocket space


  • The Velcro strap could improve a bit
savior equipment gun case for rifles in black

The Savior Equipment Rifle Bag Gun Case is another high-quality soft case on the market today. It has a strong exterior shell to safeguard your rifle. The interior partitions are also designed with thick fabric and dense foam.

The outer perimeter of the case consists of decent padding for more protection. The case features a heavy-duty zipper that's easy to slide.

There are three ways of carrying this rifle case by using the double handle, the two backpack straps, or a detachable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is equipped with a sternum strap to withstand heavier loads.

The case consists of two compartments to fit two guns with scopes well, handguns, two pistols with magazines, six hundred rounds of ammunition, and more.

The two large exterior pockets let you store protection gear and smaller items such as mag and ammo. The compartment has a divider to prevent the rifles from scratching each other.

You may remove the divider if you need more space for the weapon. The Velcro strap helps keep the guns stable in the compartment. The backstraps and handles are well made and everything is properly sewn.

The case can easily withstand the weight of the content in it. The case lays completely flat when opened.

At its price point, the Savior Equipment Rifle Bag Gun Case is one of the best soft rifle cases on the market today.


  • Sleek and balanced design
  • Made from the highest quality heavy-duty materials
  • Well sewn
  • Comfortable shoulder and backpack straps
  • Strong but smooth zippers


  • The compartment divider needs more padding
savior equimpment short barrel rifle case in camo

Are you looking for the best short barrel soft rifle case on the market? If so, you don't have to look further than the Savior American Classic case.

It is made of the highest quality material and extra-wide Velcros to protect your weapons. The soft rifle case has plenty of storage to accommodate two short barrel rifles.

You can even place a small padlock on it to safeguard the guns. The compartments of the case are well padded. The heavy-duty zipper is easy to use, and the case has two straps to hold the guns in place.

The front area consists of a roomy pouch to store your mags, smaller guns, and ammo.  The front magazine pouch consists of enough space to accommodate three AK or AR mags.

There are two zippered pouches on the inside for documents. The rifle storage section of this soft case is quite different since it has two large spaces to store rifles with an insert between them.

The dividers have thick and removable foams to protect the weapons from getting damaged when carrying them. The case gets a bit heavy when loaded, and it's understandable since the case was designed for heavy-duty weapons.

It is made from heavy-duty material with plenty of pockets and zippers. This is one of the best soft cases for heavy-duty guns at this price point.


  • Spacious
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Well padded
  • Multiple pockets
  • Sturdy stitching
  • Made of the highest quality heavy-duty materials


  • Better if the bag laid flat when opened
voodoo tactical padded gun case in khaki color

Do you want a soft rifle case that gives quick access to your rifle? If so, you don't have to look further than the VooDoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case.

The divider at the main compartment allows you to store two long rifles without scratching on each other. The edges of the bag are well padded with the middle divider to protect your guns.

The padding is of average quality while the Velcro straps will help keep the rifles in place. The locking zippers consist of one eyelet on each side.

One of these zippers will allow movement from one side to the other without stressing the eyelets.

The seams of the soft case are well sewn with crosshatch stitching on the major stress points. The case will hold strong for many years to come due to this.

The soft case has ample space to store mags, ammo, accessories, and cleaning kits. The bag consists of three external pouches permanently attached and easily closed with Velcro and buckles.

The shoulder straps of the case are a bit flimsy but padded well so that you can carry the case comfortably. The attachment D-rings are a bit flimsy and don't have enough adjustment to the shoulder straps.

Hence, you cannot carry this bag as a backpack. Even though the soft case is good at its price point, it should have more functional shoulder straps.


  • Several pockets
  • Sturdily made and well-stitched
  • All zippers can be pad locked with a small suite case cable lock


  • he shoulder strap should be improved

Things To Consider When Shopping For The Best Soft Rifle Case?

Ease Of Use

User-friendliness is one of the most important advantages of a good soft rifle case. Make sure that you can easily reach for the gun in an emergency. The case should not be too noisy when you try to retrieve the gun.

Good Straps

Good shoulder straps are crucial to carrying the gun on long hunting trips. The carry-on strap of the case should be well-padded or feature backpack straps to provide you with extra comfort.


How does the case secure your weapon? Check on the padding of the case to find the answer to this question. Good quality padding is essential to keep your gun in place and protect it during transportation.

The rifle case should have straps to secure the gun when carrying it from place to place.

Build Quality And Durability

Can your rifle case withstand abuse? It should be made of sturdy and durable material.

Storage Options

Whether you are shopping for a single or double soft rifle case, the number of pockets will depend on your personal needs.

Some bags have interior pockets while others consist of external pouches to store your accessories and magazines.

Final Thoughts / Conclusion

There are reasons to choose a soft rifle case. They are lightweight can could be carried on long-distance trips. These bags are quieter compared to hard cases and are ideal for use in the woods.

You need to opt for the best soft rifle case on the market that suits your needs.

Fortunately, you don't have to do any further research. The aforementioned article reviews 5 of the best soft rifle cases on the market today.