The Best Aftermarket Glock Slides

Our Favorite Aftermarket Glock Slides

Glocks are like Mustangs in that they are endlessly customizable.  

You can build a Glock exactly how you like it.  

Yes they are perfectly fine out-of-the-box from the factory, but you can always make them perform a bit better.

Upgrading your Glock slide will give your gun a unique look, give your better sights, or make the slide easier to grip.

You can add bling or camo and even select from the highly attractive titanium options as well. As a matter of fact, the modern gunslinger is spoiled for Glock slide options.

To make the selection a bit easier, I have compiled this list of the most desirable Glock slide options from the top seven manufacturers. These options have been based on quality as well as performance, so, let’s begin.

After you have studied the options available and made an enlightened decision, we would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Be sure to mention what you have loved or hated in the comments section below. 

top view of the brownells rmr glock cut slide

 Brownells has been a name to consider for all types of gun accessories since the days of yore when Teddy Rosevelt purchased his first revolver.

Ok, slight exaggeration, but Brownells is certainly a prominent character in the gun accessory world.

Once they focused primarily on screws and springs, but now they have launched their own brand of aftermarket Glock Slides.

Brownells RMR Cut Slide features the RMR cutout and the wrap around serration pattern that makes manipulating the slide an easy task.

All of Brownells slides feature the standard Glock cut sights that support front and rear mounting. Suppressor height sights will be needed if you use this slide.

Furthermore, Front Cut RMR slides will include an optional window that has been cut out to reduce weight and enhance airflow keeping the barrel from overheating: a great option for those Glocks that see extended competitive action.

This slide is also cut from a single billet of 17-4 Stainless Steel that has been designed and manufactured to exact Glock specifications, so it will have no problem fitting to the factory frame and can be supplemented with a variety of aftermarket parts and barrels. 


  • Wraparound front cocking serrations
  • Pre-cut Trijicon RMR red dot sight mounting slot
  •  Manufactured to Glock® factory specifications


  • Several slides for different Glock models are sold out so check to make sure the one you need is available
top view of the zev z17 citadel stripped slide

Not surprising that this is near the top of our list is a brand that needs no introduction.

Zev has made a name for itself as a prominent manufacturer of several Glock slide options, but by far the most noteworthy is the Z17 Citadel.

Combining pure elegance and raw aggression is no small feat, but the Z17 has pulled it off without going too far in either direction.

The sides and top of the slide feature a well-appointed set of serrations which allow for better grip in use. Forward windows also mitigate reciprocating weight.

This results in reduced fatigue and allows for improved accuracy in follow up shot placement.

The Z17 Citadel slide is made from a single billet of 17-4 Stainless Steel with tighter tolerances than can be found in factory produced slides, which means better consistency in barrel lockup and greatly improved accuracy.

You will also find the Zev’s patented optic cut, which means more thread area for keeping your optic securely mounted. 


  • Angled serrations give your an incredible grip
  • Weighs less than factory slides
  • Mounting screws for RMR optic and plate


  • Awesome, but expensive
top view of the lone wolf alphawolf damascus slide

Of course, the big idea of an aftermarket slide is to improve overall performance, but an attractive option like the Lone Wolf AlphaWolf Damascus slide is a thing of beauty.

The AlphaWolf Damascus slide goes way beyond function in the extreme, this resides in the realm of artwork.  And if you think this is way too much, way overboard for a Glock, that's understandable.

But it is cool to see what some people can do with steel. 

As the name implies, this attractive slide is cut from Damascus steel, an enigmatic metal that has been favored in the most exquisite weaponry since the time of the Crusaders.

Damascus steel is forged from a variety of steels which allows for extreme durability and flexibility. If you are looking for beauty as well as performance, this is the only option for your Glock.

Better still, each slide manufactured by Lone Wolf has been tailor made to the exact specifications of the customer.

You can expect to find Glock OEM sights, base blank slide and proper machine work as well as a selection of LWD/AW barrels and other parts. 


  • You can custom order to your exact specifications
  •  Manufactured to Glock® factory specifications
  • Forged in the USA


  • Artwork that commands art prices.  The most expensive slide on this list
top view of the grey ghost precision glock 17 slide

Grey Ghost employs military specialists to refine tactical slides and weapon systems of all types.

The Precision Glock 17 V2 Slide is everything we have come to hope for from such impressive manufacturers. The Grey Ghost slide offers mechanical benefits as well as an impressive aesthetic appeal.

As expected, this slide is made of a single billet of 17-4 Stainless Steel treated with a black-nitride finish that will improve resistance to corrosion and greater durability.

The Grey Ghost Chevron Hex is featured in the serrations and greatly improves grip during manipulation while dramatically reducing the weight. 


  • Slide’s texture is aggressive enough to run when wet
  • Gen 3 Compatible
  • Machined from 17-4 Billet Stainless Steel to have tighter tolerances


  • Tight tolerances may cause trouble putting them on stock Glock frames
top view of the pof glock p17 stripped slide

POF is a name that has been associated with excellent gun work and impressive tolerances and the P17 stripped slide does not disappoint.

Aptly nicknamed the “Gentlemen’s Series”, these unique slides feature multi-angle cuts and the USAF star, because Americana is what POF is all about.

This is an especially attractive option as well as being a reliable tool with a touch of class. 


  • Nitride heat treated for resistance to  corrosion and maximum surface durability
  • Includes black hard anodized aluminum RMR cover plate and mounting hardware
  • Slide cut compatible with the Trijicon® RMR red dot sight


  • Often out of stock
front side view of the dynamic weapon solutions mrk I aggressor glock slide

Dynamic Weapons Solution has produced an especially impressive Glock slide that stands out from the rest in terms of available features and aesthetic design.

The MRK I Aggressor features a stylish and practical set of serrations that add a new-level of aggression to manipulating your pistol.

Furthermore, The MRK I include a wide range of variations that allow the user to customize their pistol without the loss of performance.

Like most productions from DWS, this aftermarket slide provides a decent balance of personalization alongside availability.

You can begin by considering the most simple and practical “base” design and then communicate with the manufacturers to include personalized design modifications.

Naturally, this will mean waiting a bit longer and paying a bit more, but you can also rest assured that your slide will be exactly what you are looking for.

You will be able to select a solid slide design, top windows and top serrations. If you are looking for design and performance suited to the user, this is the option for you. 


  • Optional color hardware screw sets
  • Optional optic cut


  • All the options can lead to costs and lead time growing too much
WAR G19 afterburner widebody slide

You can always expect something remarkable from the legendary WAR manufacturers and the G19 is no exception.

This impressive aftermarket Glock slide has been cunningly crafted from high-quality Stainless Steel and features a slightly wider design.

Included in the wider design is an integrated compensator that directs gas up for firing in a true chamber. This provides a direct transition from the barrel to slide ports.

This cunning design replaces the set screws typically used for breakdown. Making the breakdown the same as you would expect from stock.

The integrated compensator is impressive enough, but wait there’s more. There is also more material at the rear end of the slide which makes the slide a bit wider and allows a perfect base for a RMR red dot.

This slide certainly has the look and feel of a well-planned and executed design and adds impressive performance to this incredible option.


  • Machined from a single block of high quality stainless steel
  • Breaking the slide down is the exact same as stock


  • Often out of stock

Final Thoughts / Conclusion

If you have a Glock, it's only a matter of time before you'll start making upgrades to it.  A high quality slide is one of the best upgrades you can make, and your choices are endless.

There are a lot of different options to choose from, the ones we listed here are our favorites.  We think you will like them too.