Looking for the Best 9mm Magazine Speed Loaders?

The Best 9mm Magazine Speed Loaders

The 9mm is the most popular caliber for a handgun in the world.  And because of this there are a ton of after market tools and support for guns that fire these caliber bullets.

So many shooters like the 9mm size because of how many rounds you can fit into a magazine.  The benefit is, you can get a lot of rounds shot before you have to reload.  The downside is, you have to reload a lot of rounds.

I’ve got a Glock and I’m just an regular recreational shooter.  I’m not military, I just grew up shooting and I like it.

One of the things I like least about my Glock is loading 9mm bullets in to the magazine.  I just don’t have the dexterity or whatever it calls to do it swiftly and easily.  I often pop, and drop the rounds all over the place trying to load the mag.

It is one thing to have these troubles in the privacy of your own home, and another thing to be fumbling around like this at the range where other people and see and judge you.  Trust me, they are judging you.

And plus, it’s just plain annoying to load the rounds by hand.

That is why I love a good magazine speed loader.

I don’t even consider them “speed” loaders, although they are much quicker than my slow, fumbling fingers. I consider these “magazine loaders”, because once I found out these things existed, I use them almost exclusively.

#1. ETS Tactical Speed Loader

side view of the ets cam speed loader

The Elite Tactical Speed loader can save you a lot of grief.  When used correctly it can load a pistol mag in just a few seconds, which is pretty incredible.

It works with 9mm and .40 caliber pistol mags, double or single stack, but I mostly use it for my 9mm.

It feels like the plastic they used to manufacture this is durable enough, I've yet to have a problem with it breaking.  Now, they say it doesn't damage mags, like it can never happen, but you need to make sure you use this correctly.

You always want to hold the loader rail parallel to the ground or a table.  The loader is nearly guaranteed to jam if you let the bullets slide towards the mag before pressing down on the plunger.  

You don't want to load more than ten bullets at a time, to avoid a jam.  So, if you have a 15 round mag, you want to break it up and load 10 first, then load the remaining 5.

To best use the ETS Tactical speed loader simply insert the magazine, then scoop some rounds from the tray into the loader.  And remember to keep the loader parallel to the table as you do this.

Next, just rotate the loader so the bullets are standing up straight on the rail.  Then insert the plunger mechanism and place the base of the mag against your belly and press the plunger to the mag.

Then you just remove the mag.  If you follow these steps, you'll likely be in love with this speed loader.  The problem is, it doesn't come with an instruction manual, so I had to figure that technique out on my own.


  • Weight: .19 lbs.
  • Loads pistol mags in seconds
  • It will save your fingers


  • MUST load it correctly, otherwise it's a pain
view of the glock magazine speed loader with the glock symbol

The official Glock brand magazine speed loader is a solid choice and it's also the cheapest option on our list.

This speed loader is small, lightweight, and won't take up much space in your range bag. This loader works with 9mm, .40, .357, .380, and .45 calibers.

This product was designed by Glock for use with their standard (double-Stack) magazines and operating it is pretty straight forward.

Simply place the magazine loader over your mag.  Press on the loader, which presses on the spring inside the magazine, which then opens a space where you can insert ammo.  

Basically, the loader depresses the mag spring so you don't wear out your thumb doing it.

It takes a little getting used to, but after a few magazines you'll pick it up and be quick enough.  It's basically all you need unless you shoot thousands of rounds, in which case, you'll want a more expensive speed loader.

But for most shooters, this options works well.


  • Lets you spend your time at the range shooting, not reloading
  • Works with both steel and brass jackets
  • It will save your fingers


  • More of a thumb saver than a speed loader, but decent of the price

#3. Maglula UpLULA Pistol Mag Loader

maglula uplula loader on a 9mm clip

The Maglula Uplula is my favorite magazine loader for my 9mm. It is a complete game changer if you have never used one.

The operation is simple enough. You take a mag and place the Uplula on top of it. Then you squeeze the grip of the Uplula. There is a metal tongue that goes into the mag. This tongue sits on top of the bottom spring, or the round that is already loaded.

Then you just slide the new round on top of the tongue. Once the round is in the magazine, simply release your grip and the tongue comes out of the mag, then you repeat the process.

The Maglula UpLula is my favorite magazine loader for number of reasons. It is super durable, made from military grade materials.

And while you can load your magazine in about one third of the time compared to loading your mag by hand, you don’t have to worry about hurting your fingers. It’s finger friendly!

This is a small magazine loader that is light, yet tough and small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. Although, most shooters just store this in their range bag.


  • Light weight
  • Way better than the Chinese knock off versions
  • Capable of loading multiple calibers, not just 9mm


  • Hurts when you get your finger caught in the mechanism

Final Thoughts / Conclusion

Not everyone likes a magazine loader, but for those that do, we listed our favorite options.

If you plan on spending the day at the range, you will be glad that you brought along your magazine loader.