We are building at the range!

Hot Wells Shooting Range is located in Northwest Escambia County at 24815 Hempstead Highway, on Highway between Milton-Anderson and Blarney Roads. Hot Wells serves Florida shooters from Milton, Katy, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, all the way to Destin, and points northwest. Come on out and check out the NEW Buidling! New Rifle Range lighting and canopy… Continue reading We are building at the range!

Handgun Training Basics

The tactical pistol classes here last two hours. These classes run in a three-course series (some take all three classes, some only one or two). We cover everything from the basics all the way through moving and shooting, reloads, using cover/concealment, and much more. Our goal in the later phases is to create a stress… Continue reading Handgun Training Basics